Director’s Welcome

I hope to welcome students from Asia who have been educated in various ways as we are opening up our Japanese language school. Those who are interested in Japan and who is highly motivated by the desire to make their future better are welcomed.
What I think most important when managing a school is that to teach Japanese culture and Japanese way of thinking as well as to teach the Japanese language.
I would like our students to see differences in custom and culture between their countries and Japan and learn the best part of them.
Meanwhile, it would be great for us to grow together by learning student’s countries as we communicate with them.

I guess that Japanese companies will be more and more globalized in near future due to a lack of manpower.
We would be grateful if our students who studied not only Japanese language but also culture and custom with us, go to university, or college and act globally in a company after graduating our school.
Hope students who came to Japan to be a bridge between Japan and their country as they tell their family, friends the reality of current Japan.
We are ready to do our best to establish a long lasting good relationship with our students so that we can hear from them about their future steps.


School infomation

Address 5-27-8 Kakuichi Bld. 3F・4F, Toyo, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Tel/Fax +81-3-6659-7375/+81-3-6659-7376
Open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday


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